Spice Up Your Cool Colors In A Mixed Media Collage With A Touch Of Pink

Like so many other artists, I seem to have my favorite palette when I am either painting or creating Mixed Media Abstract collages. A fan of the colors of the 1950s, I'm just not happy unless I have done a piece with a fair amount of turquoise, chartreuse, grey and of course some mixture which includes one of my favorites...Payne's grey along with whatever blue is hanging around on my paint table. It is really hard for me to reach for the warmer colors, but adding an accent of red, or orange or pink is so critical when you need to spice up a piece!  

Getting Starting: Using A Magazine Photo To Jump Start A Color Palette in Working With Mixed Media Collage

I still can't believe i spent over ten dollars to buy a decorating magazine because i liked one page in the magazine  which showed a new color combination for me to try in one of my mixed media collages. i often jumpstart my work by being influenced by some element in either a brochure, advertisement or magazine photo I fancy. So here you see the photo on the left for the inspiration for a collage (photo on the right) of a piece I am working on.

Save Your Small Scraps of Paper For Mosaic Style Mixed Media Collages

Most Mixed Media artists I know, never throw out anything and I'm a member of this creative group of "savers". When I am down to my smallest pieces I like to tear them into little rectangles and add a Mid-Century-ish doodle onto them with a Sharpie pen. Then when I'm in need of some "therapy" time, I create a grid-like pattern with my left over squares. I use pads of Strathmore 400 series Acrylic square paper which are just right for my smaller mixed media artwork.