Browsing Through Books on Mid-Century Textiles To Help You Choose a Palette For Your Artwork

I'm often asked how do I decide on a palette when i am making my Mixed media collages? The answer is, I like to start with browsing through books about textiles from the 1950s or 1960s. I then begin to practice trying to get a certain color just the way I want it. Some days the color happens quite easily and other days for some reason, I struggle. Yes, I am aware that many artists actually know exactly how to mix colors. But, that is not the way I go about the process. I like to stumble onto the color I am after because along the way I end up making new versions of vintage colors which suit me just fine.  Poking through older textile books, is just a starting point. Designer shown is Robert Stewart. This 1954 design is called Macrahanish.

Using The Plastic Tops Of Discarded Salad Dishes For Mixed Media Paint Palettes

I enjoy creating painted papers for my Mixed Media collages. When I work small I use already mixed paint and squirt onto a plastic palette which in my case is the discarded plastic tops of carry out salad containers.  I use therse "palettes" over and over as acrylic paint dries from one use to another. When the palettes get so caked with paint that they begin to peel...I throw them out. Reminder, always keep your food products far away from your art products.