Does Doodling Lead To Serial Pen and Inking?

A few years back I was totally known as the "Doodling Diva" . With a background as a compulsive doodler, word got out that I was the go to person on all matters concerning doodling. I even wrote a humorous manuscript on personality traits and doodling and continued to stay current on all aspects of doodling or automatic drawing as it is sometimes called . When I shifted from an interest in the psychology of doodling to the   actual art of making intricate  doodles, I was encouraged to "upgrade" my art vocabulary by shifting from talking about my work as  "doodles" to referring to my Mark making as pen and ink art. Whatever you want to call it, I like to "doodle" with Sharpies of all sizes because with a lot of experience you can control your lines and movements. I am about to venture into the "real" pen and ink world by trying out "real" ink and "real" old fashioned pens. Wish me luck and check back on my progress.

Black And White Abstract Design Using a Uniball Vision Pen On Paper


Long before I developed my comfort level with "real" art supplies, I would "doodle" on my lap using a black waterproof Uniball Vision pen. One day, while on an interview (art related), the Director who was was meeting with me said I needed to call my work "Pen and Ink" and graduate to "real" products such as special ink pens and better paper. Ha ha, now almost a decade later, I am learning not to listen to too many voices that tend to provide static which just interrupts true creativity. Art tools, one will come to appreciate are very personal. The real wisdom comes when you realize that you are truly making art for only one important critique and that is of course just YOU, the artist!