Using Dried Up Paint Stained Rags When Making Mixed Media Art

Depending on my mood, sometimes I cart home a bag of rags I use in my studio and give them a washing with Oxiclean and they turn out just fine. Than on other occasions I have gotten so much gooked up paint on an old rag that I toss those nasty ones into the garbage....well not exactly. You see, in my studio the garbage might not get emptied in awhile and that is intentional. Because in the garbage may be some tossed out pieces of work that I might revive from the dead. Or as in the case of rags, I actually like what happens when I want to remove paint from a large painting I am working on and use a rag that is stiff and scratchy from layers of dried up paint. You get a lot of interesting swipes and marks when using a rag that has clumps and lumps of old paint on it.